Mayakoba Resort, Rosewood Mayakoba and nine Mexican chefs have joined the “Chefs Amigos del Mar” project to create awareness for the conservation of the oceans. A special dinner will showcase products that have been caught or cultivated in a protected manner, avoiding an excessive consumption that endangers any species.

Because of its climate and biodiversity, Mexico is one of the world’s leading fish and shellfish producing countries. About two million people live directly or indirectly from fishing, and the consumption of seafood has increased in recent years. This is where Mayakoba, Rosewood Mayakoba and Mexican chefs came together to stop overfishing, and bring awareness about this cause. The products used during the dinner are all caught in a sustainable manner, using products that are in season and have a lower impact on our environment.

Mayakoba’s chef Karla Enciso and Rosewood Mayakoba’s Executive Chef Juan Pablo Loza have joined fishermen from the Chinchorro Bank of Quintana Roo to preserve the marine fauna. To the project, Chefs Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, Daniel González, Santiago Muñoz, Fernando Hernández, Francisco Molina, Xavier Pérez-Stone and Mao Montiel have also joined in a commitment to cook with environmental consciousness, hoping that through their example and the popularity of the program, more chefs are inspired by the project.


The nine chefs will begin their adventure in the community of Mahahual, where local fishermen will guide them to the Bank of Chinchorro to learn more about the seasonal fishing and the care and preservation of the marine species, especially of the pink snail, transmitting them the knowledge of the sea that they have inherited generation after generation in order to ensure the sustainability of the resources.


Upon their return, the chefs will offer a nine-course dinner at La Ceiba Mayan Garden & Kitchen, a gastronomic green space within Rosewood Mayakoba that stands around a majestic ceiba tree with an extensive orchard, open kitchen and ovens and wood stoves. Chefs will use their “catch of the day” to create dishes based on octopus, lobster, pink snail, and crab, as well as quail and turkey from local producers, giving diners a unique experience and spread the message of sustainable cooking.



The proceeds from the “Chefs Amigos del Mar” dinner will be donated to Banco Chinchorro Fishermen’s Cooperative in a commitment to support their work and continue their preservation efforts.

This is how Mayakoba and Rosewood Mayakoba enhance their commitment to act as advocates of nature by providing the highest level of hospitality without damaging the natural environment. By promoting environmental conservation policies and practices: green hospitality, conscientious luxury experiences.

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