The Mayakoba Farmers Market in El Pueblito is an entertaining family event in the main plaza. Small business owners, local chefs and artisans shall sell their delicious gastronomic products and arts! Children of all ages shall also present their products on April 30th in the “Kids Farmers Market”, dedicated especially for the little ones.

The Kids Farmers Market seeks that the little ones carry out their ideas, giving them a space to sell their products, in a single date; On Sunday, April 30th, in the main square of El Pueblito in Mayakoba, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
In addition to being able to buy amazing products, you will also be able to listen to the children of the Choir of the Art and Music Academy, directed by the soprano Thanya Gutierrez; You may practice golf with the little ones, with the professionals from the Jim McLean School in Mayakoba, creating a family Sunday at El Pueblito.
Mayakoba is always committed to sustainability, and will also invite children from Mayan communities to be part of this celebration and share some of their culture with all guests.

The Farmers Market in Mayakoba has become one of the favorite activities for travellers and locals, as it is the hear of Mayakoba, El Pueblito, where every Sunday local producers meet to offer the best of their gastronomic and craft products. Guests of the resort enjoy the variety of local items found here, allowing them to also get to know the flavors and colors of the Yucatan peninsula and especially the Mayakoba resort.