By: Fabiola Espinosa

This past Sunday, on March 12th, the Mayatlon took place, a unique triathlon held in a magical place called Pac Chen and is known for being a more extreme triathlon in the area. There is 1 km of swimming in a beautiful lagoon, in warm and sweet water, followed by 22 km of mountain bike route with winding jungle paths with rises, descents, crossing a small town, held on a bit of road and jungle, and to finish, 6kms of cross country running with mystical trails and exciting views. The truth is that for the two years I have been participating in Mayatlon, I have fallen in love with his magical place.

Alltournative is a local ecotourism company, which organizes this great event and, at the same time, supports the community of Pac Chen and it surrounding communities. The goal of this competition, besides having a good time, is to boost education. It is amazing how warm and kind the inhabitants of this community are, as you participate you see children of 4 and 5 years of age wearing the event shirt and supporting the participants, which makes all the runners fall in love with this race and its cause.

Of course, Mayakoba is a main sponsor of this event, we are a company that cares about sustainability and the community. Being part of this incredible company and an athlete, I proudly wore my Mayakoba trisuit, my tennis shoes and gave the best of me at this amazing event. I really enjoy every stage of this competition and knowing we were helping this local Mayan community.