This 25th of March join us in a 5-10 KM run presented by Ciudad Mayakoba around Mayakoba and Ciudad Mayakoba, an integrated concept to the Riviera Maya, with innovative residential and commercial development.

Start: 6:30 am at main entrance of Ciudad Mayakoba

Who may participate: Men and women of all ages (including children)

Distance: 5KM around Mayakoba and Ciudad Mayakoba (all ages con participate) 10 KM with a winning amount of $9,000 pesos that shall be distributed between the first three places.

Price: $250 pesos per person $500 pesos per family inscription (up to four people, who are either family, friends or coworkers) Kids under 5 are free

Awards: 9:00 am at Ciudad Mayakoba

If you wish to participate in the 10 km circuit, you must register in one of the following categories:

  • Senior (+55)
  • Master (25 to 54)
  • Juvenile (17 to 24)

A special 1 km category is open for all children, no need for registry, as for wheelchair racers – both shall have special prices for the winners!

Race t-shirts and special surprises will be given out during the event, proceeds shall donated to the Educational Program of Noh Bec and the construction of a new school at their community.

To participate please send an email to:

About Ciudad Mayakoba

Ciudad Mayakoba brings a concept that blends perfectly into the Mayan Riviera, with an innovative residential and commercial development. It is a new city model in the Mayan Riviera, with an all-embracing concept, designed to become the first residential community planned in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; as a response to the rapid growth and demand of the population around the real estate market that has evolved in this area in the last 10 years.