Experiencing an eco getaway in Mayakoba is as easy as booking your flight to paradise! Mayakoba, which means “the city over water”, has become an international example of the perfect balance between sustainability and luxury.  Constant investigation and innovation by biologists has incremented the number of animals who call Mayakoba home in last few years. 


Maintaining 80% of the mangrove area untouched by man and allowing animals to roam free in over 60 acres, are what landed this luxurious complex the Ulysses Prize for “Responsible Tourism Development” by the United Nations World Tourism. The prestigious resorts inside Mayakoba have also received the Rainforest Alliance Certification. This means that when you plan your perfect holiday to Mayakoba, you are not only creating memorable experiences for yourself, but are investing in local communities, ecosystems and wildlife – the best way to give back this season.